Today on The David Pakman Show / April 27, 2015

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–Bill Scher, Senior Writer at Campaign for America’s Future & Contributing Editor at Politico, joins David to discuss how Democrats should discuss President Obama’s legacy during the 2016 election

–The Comcast/Time Warner merger is dead

–Senator Bernie Sanders is set to announce a Presidential run

–Ted Cruz warns that Democrats are anti-Christian liberal fascists

–Clinton smearer and author Peter Schweizer admits that he has no evidence

–Noteworthy Amazon items: caffeinated soap, liquid farts

–The banking “crime of the century” leads to no jail time for anyone

–Texas is sending teens to adult jail for skipping school

–Father Jonathan Morris, a Catholic priest and Fox News contributor, tells the audience that it is hard to trust an atheist because they don’t fear hell

–Anti-gay bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein blame Satan after their online fundraiser is blocked

–Voicemail on the upcoming big announcement

–On the Bonus Show: George Lucas: master troll, car companies want to make car alterations illegal, Ozzy Osbourne to have his genome mapped, more…

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