Today on The David Pakman Show / April 24, 2014

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On the Show:

–Georgia passes the “guns everywhere” bill

–A fracking company must pay $3 million to a sickened family

–Bill O’Reilly likens the Nevada ranch debacle to the occupy movement while talking with a Bundy supporter

–Cliven Bundy wonders if black people are “better off as slaves”

–Recommendation: Waiting for Armageddon 

–Conspiracy debunked: The IRS targeted more progressive groups than Tea Party groups

–The Republican’s race problem is getting worse

–Come see David and Thom Hartmann

–A 19-year-old Tennessee woman hides a gun in her vagina

–Residents of Latta, SC block their homophobic mayor from replacing their fired lesbian police chief

–Virginia police tie up a 75-year-old woman as they raid the wrong apartment

–NASA Chief Charles Bolden says that a Mars mission is necessary for the “survival of the human race”

–Voicemail on going to 5 days a week and a slew of other things

–On the Bonus Show: The NYPD’s latest public relations fail, The IRS hands out bonuses to employees who didn’t pay taxes, A pocket-sized printer, more…

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