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Exchanged emails with TV & radio host in November 2013

New York, NY: According to NBC News, Missouri man and former Ku Klux Klan leader Frasier Glenn Cross, Jr., 73, was arrested today on suspicion of fatally shooting a 14-year-old boy and his grandfather in the parking lot at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City campus in Overland Park, and subsequently shooting to death a woman at Village Shalom, a retirement community several blocks away from the center.

Miller, then a Missouri Senate candidate, was interviewed on The David Pakman Show in April of 2010, on the program then called Midweek Politics with David Pakman. The interview became widely known for Miller’s usage of the terms “kike-a-like” and “Jew-wise,” and has become the subject of internet parodies and memes. The interview is available in two parts:

Part 1:
Part 2:

In November of 2013, Miller and TDPS host David Pakman exchanged emails previously unreleased to the public. The general subject of the emails was related to (1) the arrest of Miller’s friend Craig Cogg, a fellow “white separatist” who was at the time seeking to create a white-only community in the US and (2) Miller’s interest in appearing again on The David Pakman Show. A transcript of these emails appears below:


Pakman to Miller 11/22/2013: I’ve been trying to reach Craig Cobb to interview him about the revelation that he is 14% black, but no answer. Would love your help getting a hold of him to coordinate another interview.

Miller to Pakman 11/23/2013: I’ll tell him of your request.  What number can he reach you at ?? Btw, I can’t believe a man as intelligent as you, actually believes Craig Cobb is an octoroon.  Surely, you know it’s just another jewsmedia fraud.

Glenn Miller

PS:  Why don’t you have me on again ??  Cluck, cluck, cluck. . .

Pakman to Miller 11/23/2013: Email is best, he should have my email. It is

I would be up for interviewing you again if there was something specific to discuss that you are doing now that is newsworthy


Miller to Pakman 11/24/2013:

Craig is in jail.  I thought you knew that.  He doesn’t have access to a computer.  Just phone the sheriff’s department in Stanton, ND.

Craig phones me almost every day.  We’ve been close friends for almost 10 years, and we’ve worked together on several White Nationalist projects, including the Aryan Alternative newspaper.

Craig and I were both on a ND radio talk show together for 2 hours, coupla weeks ago.  WDAY or something similar.  I’ve also been helping him with establishing a pro-white town in Leith, ND.  Currently, I’m running an internet fund drive for him to prevent town officials from bulldozing his house there, as they say they’re planning on doing.

I have considerable knowledge and insight into Craig’s activities in ND, and the happenings prior to and since he announced his plans to build a pro-white city, he intends to name Cobbsville, ND.  And which
will set a precedent an example for WNs, nationwide.

Glenn Miller

Pakman to Miller 11/25/2013:

Would it be possible to do a 3 way phone call interview with you and Craig? Like if you got him on the phone and then skyped in, and we could all talk about what is going on?

Miller to Pakman 11/25/2013:

I’ll ask him next time he phones.  But I kinda doubt it.  He has to pay 50 cents per minute for all his phone calls, and as I understand it, he can only use the phone at certain times of day.

Plus, his attorney has more than likely advised him not to discuss his case to anyone, especially anti-racist radio talk show hosts.

Glenn Miller

Pakman to Miller 11/25/2013:

Ok, let’s forget I asked! No big deal.

Miller to Pakman 11/25/2013:


I notice you went to great lengths to publicize my appearance on your show throughout the internet.  Lots and lots of links to that show on google, youtube, and elsewhere, thanks to you.  Meaning, you greatly benefitted.

Therefore, the only reason you don’t invite me back on is because you fear what I say and choose to censor  it, rather than reap the benefits.

You ask: “Is it good for jews ??”  Then you answer: “No”.

OTOH, when your ratings sink low again, know I’m available.

Meantime, Sieg Heil !!!  You jews, once again and inevitably, are in deep, deep trouble.

Pakman to Miller 11/25/2013:


I’m sorry you feel that way.


Miller to Pakman 11/26/2013:

Well then, since you are sorry I feel this way, why don’t you change the way I feel ??  I’m more than willing to give you the chance, and on your own show.  You can even bring on other clever jews to help you.

We can discuss this, for starters:

Way too chicken, ain cha ??

Pakman to Miller 11/27/2013:

Just not a very interesting topic for our audience

Miller to Pakman 11/28/2013:

As you know, your listenership, including the archive, skyrocketed after having me on your show.  So don’t say I’m not interesting.

Since I’ll be a candidate next year for US Congress, 7th district of MO, you can use that as a reason to have me on.

I present news’ analysis and history from a white perspective; the only perspective not presented by main stream controlled media.

By not having me back on to increase your rating and improve your career prospects, you confess you fear what I say.  Your need to censor me is much stronger than your need to advance your own personal interests.

Glenn Miller


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